Ok. I’ll admit it. I’m drooling. The Nokia Ozo looks so cool. With eight microphones, four pairs of cameras and an awesome cooling system it’s swoon-able until you see the 60k pricetag. Also, when it comes down to it. A filmmaker can still only shoot in 2k.

By ars technica


Tried to preorder your Playstation headset 9 minutes after is was released and they were all gone? Don’t worry, the next bundle preorder will be March 29th.

By TechnoBuffalo


What is Virtudal Reality? This is a great article that gives good background and touches on the fact Sega was ahead of it’s time, the military use and very briefly what’s coming out now.

By livescience


Five ways VR is reshaping industries…The quick rundown, Live Events, Real Estate, Fashion, Medicine, Milatary. Find out how in the article.

By Fastcompany


Will Jaunt be the Netflix for VR? Jaunt is trying to compete with Facebook and Google to be the platform of VR and they have hired a fleet of sales reps to make it so.

By recode