Companies should think about using VR to eliminate gender bias. As someone who has been on the wrong side of this it’s imperative that companies find a way to eliminate gender bias. VR could have a good use case for this…sound a little Ready Player One to anyone else?

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4000I just got my View Master! This toy is super fun to play with as a grown adult and I can imagine even more fun as a child. The viewfinder is ultimately aimed at education and has videos and facts from National Geographic and landmark destinations.

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When Making a VR Movie it’s hard to know how to make people want to come pack to that experience. They need to be full invested in the story and believe they are part of it. This means more than having the image right. Richard Marks of Sony’s VR team says it takes “presence.” This involves the illusion of space, sound, interaction, etc… The hardest part about this is that they all need to come together to have a great experience.

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WEARVR just opened up their shop with a rev cut that does better for developers than Apple and Android. We’ll have to wait and see if the 5% makes a difference and if consumers will go to WEARVR to buy the apps.

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It’s Super hero time! I’m certainly ready to find out how Raw Data, a first person shooter game from Survios, holds up as a full-scale virtual reality world. It sounds like my arms are going to be tired by the end.

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GTA as a VR game…it’s getting racy over here. You think there is backlash over shooting people on a console game with no environmental interaction?

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