I think it’s time to go to Utah.

Void will off its first VR theme part set to open in Utah sometime in autumn. While some find the experience rough around the edged others found it new and exciting. You are able to have an interactive experience in a small room that feels much larger.

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I’m always a fan of a good science fiction read. I’d also add Invitation to the Game bust because my 12 year old self LOVED it. Check out the 5 books that will help you learn about VR.

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Sony has been working to release to the VR community and has charted out some of the differences to making a VR experience. There are tips like, “Don’t give the user a nasty surprise” and “Sound is half the experience”

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NBA Players trying out VR? Sounds like it is worth a watch. But even more interesting is Jamieson Cox’s description of Google’s tilt brush and the questions it brings up for art in the future. I think the question Carlos Saavedra posed, “What does the Gallery or the future look like?” is not only extremely relevant today but imperative for artists to figure out.

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Kaleidoscope is a VR film fest, which I will be proudly volunteering at in 1 week, has announced an international tour. If you can check it out, do!

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