visualizerLook Ma, no hands!

Leap Motion has released Orion their gesture tracking device to developers. It will work with all of the existing devices sold. Check out the full article for the video. You too can be the god of Shapes.

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Google’s stand alone VR headset. This could be a very cool thing for consumers who would like a more entry level way to get into VR than an expensive headset plus a totally baller gaming computer. The problem is the experience needs to be up to snuff.

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There was a firefight! Apple and Alphabet may go head to head in a VR war. Who will be the dominating force? Apple will likely produce something that is nice, polished and furthers its ecosystem. It sounds like Google will build something that is a standalone headset that will likely compete with Oculus Home. It would be cool to see a graph of everyone and what they are leaning towards. Sony, Facebook, Google, Apple, Samsung. So many players!

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Extra extra – VR all about it.

Virtual Reality is coming into Journalism and it’s no surprise, content is king. Associated Press is teaming up with Advanced Micro Devices to create “virtual reality journalism.” This will allow the viewer to be inside the news story. Read: I need to step up my game.

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Tech companies are looking at science fiction to see where VR could be of use in daily lives. Magic Leap has 3 science fiction writers on staff. I knew I liked you Magic Leap. I think the writers will give a great view of possible future uses and ideation.

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