OMG MODELS IN VR!!! – Said the top 7 VR news hits this morning

You can now get some Sport Illustrated Swimsuit model action in Virtual Reality. There are three models and 11 VR shots to check out in the new edition. Double Ds are so last season. 3Ds are what you need now.

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Could the hype machine with unrealistic expectations be hurting the future of virtual reality and augmented reality?

End user: VR is awesome!…wait, why is everything shaky? What kid of a computer do I need to make this work? How much is that headset? How do I interact with this stuff? What else can I do? Where is the content? ….VR is ok.

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Virtual Reality in the medical field. This is what should have had the top 7 news hits…I know I know, but, MODELS. Lets model a brain instead. “New technologies coming to some hospitals and medical schools will allow doctors not only to see three-dimensional pictures produced by imaging equipment such as magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound, but to interact with what is pictured—say, a heart or liver—as if it were real. Using devices such as virtual-reality viewers, as well as styluses or other hardware that provides a feeling of resistance, doctors will be able to take a tour of a patient’s brain, for example, and even cut into virtual tissue.”

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VR is helping people become less depressed by role-playing comforting a distressed child or receiving comfort from others when distressed. In using this technology, 9 of the 15 patients saw a decrease in their symptoms. Further testing and control groups are needed.

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Using Virtual reality videos to tell stories offer a way to get a point across with a larger amount of empathy. The user cannot be focused on other events when they have on a headset and earphones. However, this storytelling method may come at the cost of analytical information. It will be interesting to see how VR is used for education in the future and what balance will need to be struck for entertainment, storytelling and enjoyment of learning vs. hard facts and analytical thinking.

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