The Coolest Thing

Navigate VR hands free. Thanks Eyefluence. Eyefluence has come up with a system that allows the user to navigate through screens using only their eye movement.

Full Article on TechCrunch along with a pretty cool demo.


In other News

Soon to be headline – “Cool” teacher uses VR in classroom…

Will VR in classrooms be able to integrate into learning or will teachers consider the technology too daunting? Nearpod is trying to make digital learning accessable for both teachers and Students.

Full Article on Wall Street Journal Blog


Can someone please just give me a pair of Ray Bans that covers my AR and VR experience? Who is going to be the first to win the interface race?

Full Article on TechCrunch


From Sundance to CES, artists are making their mark with VR. Next up, the Tribeca film festival.

Full Article on Variety


Facebook and Dell are pairing up to get devices out to users at a lower cost if they bundle their gaming computer and headset purchase. Read: it’s still expensive.

Full Article on Bloomberg


2016 – not the year that VR will see mainstream adoption (See Ray Ban example above, give me that)

Full Article on CBS