With two amazing animators on our team Maika Johnson and Kevin Sternschein, we are having great progress with animating Lauren’s art and making really cool…kind of creepy stuff happen. But, with as much awesome as they provide, we’ve got a pain point in the project and it is this: sometimes, it’s hard to find the sweet spot.

Sweet spot?

Boys, it’s not what you think.  The sweet spot for Second Screen is the spot that will register on an image.

Don’t all images register?

No. Nope. I wish. There needs to be enough distinction in the image to allow registry, so sculptures or large white areas make it harder to read.  The viewer needs to hit the image just right to  make the augment happen.


Second Screen has a couple pieces like this in the upcoming show and are hoping that once it’s installed we can play with photo cropping of the image to help it register. Try, for instance, this image. (Seriously, try it. You already downloaded the app from the first post, right?) The sweet spot is the middle of the picture. The picture’s a bit hard to register but Maika’s animations absolutely make the extra time worth it. Can you see it?


Check out more of Kevin and Maika’s work.