Second Screen Reality is Ready to host its primer event, Twice Removed on September 5th at Brooklyn Fireproof.

It has happened, the Shawnders Experience is about to begin.


As a 1 night only event, we will shock and amaze you with Arts, Augments and Drinks! Preceding our full show at The Active Space in November, Second Screen Reality will be unveiling artwork and animation.

Brooklyn Fireproof East
120 Ingraham St  Brooklyn, NY 11237
(718) 456-7570
7:00pm – 12:00am

What do you do before the show?
Download the Aurasma app on your phone
Search for Second Screen Reality (use the magnifying glass)
You are ready to come to the show! Press the view square on the bottom of your screen and hover over the above image for a little taste of the action.
Oh, the event you ask? Let me tell you about it.
Second Screen is creating an interactive event highlighting the mix of art, technology and the human form. We are working with animators to create a secondary reality based around Miss Shaw’s work.  The show Highlights a number of Miss Shaw’s sculptures in a traditional sense, however, viewers (you) will be able to hold up their smart phones or tablets and see an augmentation of that art. The work will seemingly come alive when your device catches view of the work. For instance, you will be presented with a sculpture of a shell with fingers.  When the application registers the image, an animation of that sculpture moving across the shelf will automatically play inside the alternative reality of the mobile device. When the view finder is moved from the trigger image, the animations disappear. The animation breaths a second ‘life’ into the otherwise stagnant sculpture or image.  Wherein the Sculpture is already a removed version of reality, the animation creates another adaptation of the work further removing the viewer from the actual reality of what they are interacting with. 
As the technological revolution continues to press forward, the idea of what is art and what is technological development has begun to become a blurry line.  We believe that harnessing this collaboration can not only elevate one another but is integral to the direction in which contemporary art is headed.  This show aims to highlight the intervention of how we view art in a classical sense as well as how overwhelmed as a society we are with our technology, moreover how this can impact our perception of reality, more specifically art.  If the work itself is already a removal from reality, these animations further remove us, creating a reality that is what we like to think of as ‘Twice Removed’.
Can’t wait to see you there!